Dynamics Express Cloud Solutions

Wishlist Corporation’s Dynamics Express is one of a handful of cloud-enabled Dynamics solutions for small and mid-sized companies. Wishlist Corporation hosts, maintains, monitors and upgrades the system at a secure data centre. The full functionality of Dynamics Express is made available to companies over the internet. Our current products include Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP, Dynamics CRM and several add on solutions that can be rapidly deployed.. Opting for Dynamics Express as a hosted service has numerous benefits:

• Quick to deploy
• Low cost of ownership
• No capital investment in servers
• No need to maintain or upgrade hardware or software
• Low maintenance from the client side
• No need for high-end resources in-house
• Easily scaled to customer needs from the cloud
• Pay a monthly subscription on a per user basis

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Sales and Opportunity Forecasting forms the foundation of many sales and business executive’s accurate revenue forecasting ability.  SOFA is a fully cloud enabled solution and modelled on the leading CRM solutions Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Business improvement relies fundamentally on continued , predictable growth. SOFA or Sales and Opportunity Forecast Management provides management with comprehensive set of tools to drive sustainable pipeline across multiple business units with the common purpose of sales improvement.


MobiFlow is a flexible software suite that allows your business to rapidly create and deploy work to field workers and mobilise your workforce quickly and easily. Design mobile work and forms and route tasks to field workers’ handheld devices. Define outcomes, tasks and resolutions based on mobile data to streamline operations, improve responsiveness and save costs.

MobiFlow gives you better visibility and allows you to be more responsive by enabling and mobilising your field workers. Work is carried out in the field using handheld devices with pre-defined work routes and business forms and information is sent back to a central system in near real-time. Information is standardized, accurate and captured only once in a paperless environment. Business rules and workflows are... Read more.

FlowCentric is an Enterprise Business Process Management (BPM) solution that assists Business Analysts and non-programmers to define and deploy automated processes in typical user orientated organisations. ERP solutions were extremely inflexible a decade ago, requiring customised development to cater for the extended functionality most organisational processes required. The objective was to develop a product that a typical ERP consultant could use to define, integrate, and deploy process-based solutions on top of existing ERP implementations.... Read more